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[drabble] Kame/Nino - First Meeting

Title: First Meeting
Pairing: Kame/Nino
Genre: Gen, friendship.
Rating: G
Word count: 571
Summary: The first time Kame met Nino was 1998, a year before he became a Johnny’s.
A/N: This has most likely never ever happened but I kind of liked this thought and so it became something I wrote for the square First Meeting on my fluff bingo card.
Sorry for all the mistakes that might be found in this since it's not really betaread. I hope some of you'll enjoy this anyway :)



He hits the ball and it flies right into the net on the other end of the court. He grins and then makes himself ready to hit the next ball. He hits the bat on the ground a couple of times and adjusts the hold of it. He focuses his eyes on the machine, waiting for the ball to come flying in his direction.

The ball comes and he hits it hard. It flies high and far. If this had been a game it could’ve been a homerun. He smirks.

“You’re good.” A voice accompanied by hand clapping comes from behind. He turns around and sees a boy standing outside the batting cage. He is thin with messy hair and might be about his own age. As he looks at the boy he starts feeling like he’s seen this boy somewhere else before but he can’t remember where.

“Thanks” Kame replies, bowing his head humbly at the sudden praise from a stranger.

The boy grins.

“I’m Ninomiya Kazunari. What’s your name?” the boy asks just as Kame is about to turn around again and continue with his practice.

“Kamenashi Kazuya,” he replies because even though you don’t feel like talking it’s rude to not answer when someone asks you something.

“Kazuya?” the boy repeats. “That makes us Kazu and Kazu.” He sounds amused. Kame doesn’t find it as amusing but a smile almost creeps up on his face anyway. Good thing he’s standing with his back against the boy.

“So, Kazu-kun” Ninomiya starts and Kame can’t help but cringe at the way he’s being addressed. No one calls him Kazu-kun. “Do you come here often?”

Kame doesn’t answer. A ball is coming his way and he hits it, but it’s a bad hit. The boy is making him lose his focus.

“Ah, too bad,” Ninomiya comments and then he walks away.

Kame looks after him for a second before he makes himself ready for the next batting.


Ninomiya shows up a while later after Kame’s made a few more nice hits. He’s holding two bottles of juice and smiles.

“You want one?” he asks and Kame blinks in surprise at the offer. Should he accept it? Now that he thinks about it he actually is a bit thirsty.

“Thanks,” he says and gets out from the cage.

“120yen please.” Ninomiya says and holds out his hand for Kame to place the wished amount.

“Huh?” Kame gives the boy a confused look.

“That’s how much I paid for your juice.” The boy explains. “You didn’t think you’d get it for free, did you?” he raises an eyebrow as he gives Kame a sceptical look.

Kame doesn’t reply, he just gets out the coins from his wallet and drops them into Ninomiya-kun’s palm.

“Thank you.” Ninomiya-kun smirks as he puts the coins into his jeans pocket and hands Kame one of the bottles. “So, you’re really good. At baseball I mean. You play for a team?”

They end up sitting on a couple of plastic chairs discussing baseball until Kame’s father comes to pick him up an hour later.


A year later Kame sees Ninomiya-kun again. He’s standing on the other side of the big practice studio together with a bunch of other juniors. He catches Ninomiya’s gaze for a second and they smile in recognition before Kame gets distracted by a boy he met at the audition a couple of weeks ago. 

the end.