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[fic] Say it with a post card

Title: Say it with a post card.
Pairing: Akame [friendship], Jin/Kuroki
Genre: Fluff, friendship
Rating: G
Word count: 566
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: It’s their secret way of keeping in touch.
A/N: After a long time of not having any time to write and suffering from writers block I finally managed to write something. Yay! \o/
This is also written for the prompt mail on my fluff bingo card.

There is a post card lying on top of his bills when Kame opens his mailbox. A smiling teddy bear in sunshades, a swim ring under his left arm and a drink in his right paw, is decorating the front. The picture makes him smile and he reads the message written on the back while he takes the elevator up to his floor.

I’m good. We’re good.
Hope you‘re good too. =)
K says to send you her love.


Johnny has forbidden them to have any contact with Jin ever since the drama back in February. After a month of obeying this new rule, Kame wrote a rather cryptic message on a post card and addressed it to Kuroki.

A few days later, he got a reply and ever since then he and Jin have kept in contact through short messages on post cards.

Kame has made it a sport to find new, different cards to send every time. He picks them rather carefully, picking ones he think Jin might like one way or another.

Jin is not as picky with his choices of cards. Kame has several doublets and triplets among the cards he has received from Jin. The card with the teddy bear in sunglasses is the third one with this motive that Kame’s received. Kame does not mind though. As long as they keep coming, he is happy. Jin’s one of his best friends after all, and so is Kuroki. It sucks that he can’t meet either of them. He hopes that will change by the start of next year.

After he has taken evening bath and had leftover curry for dinner he sits down in the sofa, one dog on each side of him, to write a reply. He bought a new card yesterday. It’s cute card with three white kittens in a basket full of blue flowers. Koki was with him when he bought it and he was actually the one who convinced Kame to buy it. He thought it was for Kame’s niece though because Kame has not told anyone about his mail correspondence with Jin. It is their secret.

Hi, he writes and then doodles a sun with a happy face next to it.

Then he considers carefully what to write before he continues. It has to be a bit cryptic but not too much or Jin won’t understand it.

I’m happy you liked them and that
you‘re doing well.
I saw K’s new other day. She looks
Is it fun being a stay at home?
I hope to see her soon.


When he is satisfied with the message, he gets up from the sofa to get a stamp. He can’t find any. There is none in his wallet or in the bottom drawer in the kitchen. He was sure he had some left. He scratches the back of his head in confusion before he decides to go out and buy some. He won’t have time tomorrow and it is still not that late.

He licks the stamp and carefully puts it in place. He presses it several times to make sure it will stick before he drops the post card into the mailbox. The sound of the card hitting the bottom of the empty box makes him smile. And the smile stays in place as he strolls back to his apartment.

The end.

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