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[Junno/Kame fic] Like a teddy bear on heroin

Title: Like a teddy bear on heroin
Pairing: Junno/Kame
Genre: fluff, romance, slice of life
Rating: PG
Word count: 742
Summary: “The alarm goes off, interrupting Junno in his dreams and then he feels how the mattress moves when Kame gets out of bed.”
Disclaimer: this is all fiction, and I own nothing but the plot.
A/N: written for the prompt sleepy in my fluff bingo card and the title is taken from one of my favourite songs. Enjoy :)

The alarm goes off, interrupting Junno in his dreams and then he feels how the mattress moves when Kame gets out of bed. He opens his eyes slightly and smiles at the sight of a butt naked Kame walking across the room to shut off the alarm. The clock is placed on the top of the bookshelf to give Kame a struggle to shut it off and keep him away from snoozing.

When the alarm is shut off Junno closes his eyes again to go back to sleep. Kame is the only one that has to get up at this ungodly hour. 6am.

The next time he wakes up it is to the touch of soft lips against his.

“I’m leaving now.” Kame says softly as he pulls away. “There’s fresh coffee in the pot.”

“Mmm, thanks” Junno mumbles in reply as grabs a hold of the front of Kame’s shirt and pulls him in for another kiss. Kame lets out a soft chuckle as their lips crash together again.

The kiss lasts longer this time.

“I really have to go now” Kame says as he breaks the kiss.

“Okay” he replies. “Have a nice day.”

Kame just smiles, ruffles his hair and then leaves the room.

It’s in the middle of the night when Kame comes back from work. The sound of the keys and him getting out of his shoes while greeting Ran and Jelly wakes Junno up from his sleep. Junno considers getting out of bed to greet him as well but his brain is too slow when he’s tired and before he has come to a decision Kame is already inside the room.

“Hi,” Junno says into the darkness and Kame who’s started to undress himself gets startled into dropping his necklace to the floor.

“Hi,” Kame replies. “Did I wake you up?”

“Yeah,” Junno answers honestly.

“I’m sorry,” Kame says, sounding truly apologetic.

“it’s okay” Junno smiles even though he knows Kame can’t see it. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Kame smiles back, Junno can tell by the gentle tone in his voice. “Sweet dreams.”

Junno closes his eyes and soon he has fallen asleep again.

The alarm goes off and wakes him up abruptly from his sleep. He stumbles out of bed as quickly as his tired body can manage and towards the annoying clock. Once it’s shut off he turns around to look at the bed and when he sees that Kame is still sleeping he lets out a relieved sigh followed by a smile. It’s one of those rare days when Kame can sleep in and Junno would’ve hated to disrupt Kame in his slumber. He stretches his arms over his head and shakes his head a few times to clear his mind before he pads out of the room to take a shower and something to eat. He has to leave in an hour for a meeting about a role in a new drama.

He has just put on his shoes and reached for his jacket when he hears the soft sound of bare feet against wooden floor. He turns around on the spot and is met by the sight of a tired looking Kame. Ran is in Kame’s embrace and Jelly is by his feet. Junno smiles.

“You should go back to bed.” he says.

“Not tired anymore” Kame replies, but his words are followed by a big yawn. They both chuckle and then Kame walks closer.

“Liar,” Junno says wrapping his arms around Kame’s body, careful not to crush Ran between them. “Go back to sleep and get another couple of hours sleep.”

“Hmm,” Kame nuzzles his face into Junno’s neck. Junno hugs him a little closer, but it causes Ran to whine and Jelly to yap, so he releases Kame but lets his hands rest on Kame’s shoulders.

“Are you free for lunch?” he asks and leans his forehead against Kame’s. Kame gives him a tired smile and a nod. “Good, then I’ll see you then:”

Kame nods again and they both leans in for a kiss.

“Go back to bed now” Junno says after the kiss, turning Kame around and giving him a soft push towards the bed room. “Sweet dreams.”

Kame stumbles slightly over his feet but doesn’t fall and once he reaches the bedroom door he looks at Junno from over his shoulder. He smiles and Junno smiles back before they both disappears through different doors.

The end

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