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[Akame one shot] Only Kazuya

Title: Only Kazuya
Pairing: Junior!Akame, Pin [friendship], RyoKame [friendship], RyoJin [friendship]
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Humour and Romance
Rating: PG
Word count: 4046
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: “The same day Jin figures out what he really feels for Kame he tells Yamapi about it because Yamapi is his best friend and they tell each other everything.”
A/N: I started writing this for [livejournal.com profile] gina84 back in October, I think, promising her some Junior!Akame but because of school I only managed to finished it first now. I really hope you’ll enjoy this Gina ♥

The same day Jin figures out what he really feels for Kame he tells Yamapi about it because Yamapi is his best friend and they tell each other everything.

“So?” Jin asks looking at his friend, feeling slightly nervous, and maybe a bit a scared, after telling the other about his own revelations.

“So you’re like gay?” Yamapi asks back, sounding thoughtful as he nibbles on a onigiri.

“No, well, yes, but only for Kazuya” Jin replies fiddling with the package of his own onigiri. “I mean, I’d never be able to look at you that way, even though you are kind of pretty, but I’d never want to kiss you or any other boy. Only Kazuya. I only want to kiss and do other stuff to Kazu”

“Hmm…” Yamapi hums thoughtfully and nibbles on his onigiri for a short moment before he talks again. “Well, then I guess there’s nothing else for you to do but to tell him.”

“Why?” Jin asks his voice hitching a higher note.

“Because that’s what you do when you like someone.” Yamapi says in a matter-of-fact kind of voice. “If you don’t tell, then you’ll end up depressed and regretting not letting the person know you like them”

“But I’ve told Kazuya I like him plenty of times already” Jin points out, and it’s not a lie. He has.

“Then tell him you love him. I’m sure you haven’t told him that” Yamapi says and then throws the last piece of his onigiri into his mouth.

“Tha-” Jin takes a deep breath and sighs. “That I haven’t told him, no. But what if he freaks out? What if-”

“What if he says he feels the same and kisses you senseless” Yamapi cuts in and Jin looks at him with his mouth wide open. “What if Kame-kun is just as in love with you as you claim to be with him. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“You’re saying Kazu is gay?” Jin feels a bit offended for Kame’s sake. Kame doesn’t look gay. Kame looks beautiful and cool and handsome and cute.

“No, I’m not saying he’s gay. I’m just saying he might be gay and anyway wouldn’t it be good for you if he was?” Yamapi leans back in his chair and a slow smirk spreads across his lips.

“Well, yeah I guess” Jin scratches the back of his head. “But he’s not gay. I’m sure of it. He doesn’t look gay”

“And you do?” Yamapi’s smirk grows wider with amusement tinting his voice.

“Wha- no! I do not look gay!” Jin shrikes and Yamapi bursts out laughing.

“And there I proved my point” Yamapi says between laughs and Jin leans over the table to hit him over the head. It doesn’t make Yamapi stop laughing though, instead his laughter gets louder and more hysterical until he falls off the chair.

The realization that he’s in love with Kame doesn’t make Jin act any different around his friend but it makes him more aware of everything Kame does and says and who he’s with.

One thing that strikes Jin quite quickly is that whenever Kame is with Ryo, the two of them seems to speak in hushed voices. It makes Jin feel strange inside, because it’s obvious they share some kind of secret together, especially when they always falls silent whenever Jin join them.

Jin tries his best not to show, what he thinks might be jealousy but apparently he’s not doing a good enough job.

“Are you mad at Ryo-kun?” Kame asks one day when they walk to the station together. It’s raining outside so they’re sharing an umbrella while doing their best not to walk into any big puddles.

“No” Jin answers and jerks his head in Kame’s direction so fast it hurts.

“Oh” Kame frowns slightly. “Then how come you always look mad when he’s around lately?”

“I do not!” Jin protests.

“Yes you do” Kame shots back and stops walking. Jin stops too and they glare at each other.

“No I don’t” Jin clenches his free hand into a tight fist by his side. Why is Kame so persistent about this.

“Yes! Why don’t you just admit that you’re mad at Ryo” Kame stamps his foot like a little kid making water splash up on their already wet trousers. “when it’s obvious you are.”

“Why should I be mad at him?” Jin fires back.

“How should I know. I can’t read your mind” Kame’s glare grows harsher and Jin almost shrugs back. “So tell me. He’s our friend and I want us all to be able to hang out without sensing that you wanna strangle him. Why are you mad at him?!”

The look in Jin’s face morphs from one of frustration and anger to one of surprise. Strangle? Had he really been that bad at hiding his feelings? Not that he’d want to kill Ryo, but he had still wished over the last couple of weeks that Ryo had never been born, or at least not born in Japan.

“Well, whatever” Kame says before Jin can find any words. “I don’t have time for this. Bye Jin” Kame adjusts the bag on his shoulder before he with one nonchalant wave bids his goodbye and runs off down the street, water splashing around him.

Jin’s jaw falls down as he flabbergasted watches Kame’s retreating back. Did they just have a fight? About Ryo?

When he gets back home the first thing he does is send Ryo a text saying, I hate you.

Ryo reply reads, I hate you too. Wanna do something this weekend?

Jin doesn’t reply to it.

Jin had hoped that their fight would disappear and be forgotten after a night’s sleep. It didn’t. Kame gives him the cold shoulder when they meet for work activities and if he’s not fooling around with Taguchi or Tanaka, then he’s playing with his phone, sending messages.

It makes Jin feel bad but when he complains to Yamapi about it the other just tell him to be the better man and apologize. Why should he apologize? It was Kame who started thee fight not him, so it should be Kame who’d be apologizing to him!

However Kame doesn’t seem to think that way. And what’s worse is that Kame doesn’t seem to miss hanging out with him.

“What’s with you?” Ryo’s voice cuts through Jin’s depressing thoughts one day when they’re at the filming for Shounen club.

“That’s non of your business” Jin directs a cold glare at him and then hisses “Traitor

“Traitor?” Ryo frowns and glares back. “What the fuck has I done?”

Jin doesn’t reply he just gets up from his seat and makes his way out of the dressing room, almost knocks into Kame on his way through the door.

“Watch were you’re going” Kame says, and Jin stops abruptly because that’s the first time Kame has spoken to him since they fought, if you don’t count work related talks including the rest of the group or other juniors or choreographers.

He stares at Kame with wide eyes. “What?” Kame asks, touching his hair and face self-consciously.

“You’re talking to me” Jin replies, still stunned.

“Yeah, so?” Kame raises an eyebrow at him, and a almost invincible smile playing on his lips. If Jin didn’t know Kame as well as he does, he probably wouldn’t have noticed it. That smile makes him feel all fluttery and warm and happy. Jin smiles back but before he can say anything in return to Kame, the other has already walked into the room and joined Ryo on the couch. Jin clenches his jaws and fists his hands as he glares at the couple before he turns around and marches away with determined steps.

Jin’s lying on his bed, watching a creak in the ceiling and trying not to imagine what would happen if it grew bigger or if a swarm of spiders and other bugs suddenly came out of the hole. It doesn’t work very well, but it’s keeping his thoughts away from Kame and the traitor.

He’s gone over to think about if he’d die if the ceiling was to fall down on him or if he would be one of those miracle people who’d survive that kind of happening when the door to his room suddenly opens. He almost jumps out of his skin in surprise but then turns around to face the wall when he sees who it is.

“Leave” he says loudly into the wall. “I don’t want you here”

“Too bad for you then because I’m not leaving” Ryo replies and Jin hears how the other pulls out his desk chair and sits down on it. Jin glares at the wall, because there is no chance he is going to grace the traitor with a look, even if it‘s a deadly glare.

“So, I’ve heard a few quite interesting things lately.” Ryo says after a moment of silence. “Wanna know what it is?”

Jin doesn’t reply because he’s pretending that he’s alone and talking out loud when you’re alone means you’re crazy.

“Well even if you don’t want to, I’m gonna tell you” Ryo continues and Jin hears how he’s swirling slowly on the chair. “The first thing I found out is that someone, a common friend of ours is having a big crush on you”

Jin almost rolls over to face Ryo in surprise but stops midway and rolls back to facing the wall. Someone they know is in love with him? Who? Jimmy? Toma? Yamapi? Surely it can’t be Yamapi. He has a girlfriend. So Jimmy or Toma then maybe?

“And then a little birdie whispered in my ear that you have a crush on this person too” Jin can hear the stupid grin plastered on Ryo’s face by the tone of his voice. Stupid Yamapi spilling the beans! Jin’s never going to invite Yamapi over again. He’s never going to let Yamapi have another taste of his mother’s cooking!

Ryo laughs and Jin realizes he’s said it out loud. This time Jin rolls around and faces his friend with a cold glare.

“Leave” Jin hisses but it doesn’t work on Ryo.

“No can do” Ryo smirks. “I came here for a reason and that’s to help you out. I really don’t like having you going around pretending that you hate me for something I haven’t done and I’m tired of listening to Kame-chan’s constant talk about you”

“Kazuya talks about me?” Jin blinks in surprise. “Why?”

“How stupid are you? He’s the one in love with you. I thought you’d figured that out.” Ryo rolls his eyes at him. “And since you’re in love with him, you two should really just make up and make out, preferably without me in the room”

“Kazuya’s in love with me?” Jin can’t believe it. It can’t be true.

“Yeah, stupid” Ryo snorts, “I can’t believe this comes as a surprise to you. With the way the two of you’ve been acting together it almost came as a surprise to me that you weren’t already sneaking away to make out in dark corners. The two of you are so obvious.”

Jin thinks back at the way he and Kame used to act before the fight and can’t really understand what Ryo is saying. Well, maybe they were a bit more touchy-feely than they were with other friends, but that’s because they’re best friends. What’s wrong with hugging your best friend, and holding your best friends hand, and eat out of each other’s plates and share the same bed as your best friend? He does almost all of that with Yamapi, except for the holding hands and maybe he and Kame hug each other a bit more but so what? That shouldn’t make people think they’re together, right?

“You’re so stupid it amazes me” Ryo snorts again and brings Jin back from his thoughts. He glares at Ryo and then gets off the bed to open the door.

“Go” He orders and to his surprise Ryo actually gets up from the chair.

“The next time I see you or Kame-chan you two better be boyfriends” Ryo says as he stops in front of Jin. “For the sanity of me, everybody else and the two of you, you better do something about this”

“I don’t take orders from others in my own room” Jin says but he’s already starting to form a plan in his head that’s containing him and Kame.

Ryo just rolls his eyes at Jin, gives him a playful jab in the shoulder and then leaves the room and Jin alone to his thoughts again.

Saturday has Jin sitting in the kitchen, eating the breakfast his mother so lovingly prepared for him while staring at his phone. He sent Kame a message the night before but he hasn’t gotten a reply yet and Jin’s worried Ryo (and Yamapi) might have misunderstood Kame and by that managed to put him in a tight spot.

He’s two spoons away from finishing the food when his phone beeps and he visibly jumps. He ignores the surprised, and inquiring looks he gets from his mother and father as he takes the phone and runs upstairs to his room to read it in private.

See you tomorrow, the message reads, short and precise, ending with a victory smiley and a heart and a sun. Kame’s a sucker for emoticons. Jin smiles and sends back the exact same message and then calls Yamapi.

“Come over” he orders into the phone once a sleepy Yamapi has answered. “Mum’s baking today” he adds just to make sure Yamapi will actually follow his order. He’ll talk his mother into baking those chocolate cookies later.

“Okay” Yamapi replies and Jin does a little victory dance. “I’ll be at your place in half an hour”

Yamapi turns up after an hour, just as Jin’s mother has started to prepare the cookies.

“So, what’s up?” Yamapi asks once they’re up in Jin’s room and laid down on the unmade bed.

“I’m meeting Kazu tomorrow” Jin says reaching for his old teddy bear that’s been in his possession for as long as he can remember and starts playing with it, making it do a silly little dance on his stomach.

“So, you’ve like made up now? Back to being friends?”

“Non of us has apologized but I guess we’re good.” Jin smiles, and makes the bear do a back flip. “I’m gonna confess to him tomorrow too”

“Really?” Yamapi twists his head to look directly at him with a look of surprise in his eyes.

“Yeah” Jin says, pressing his lips in determination. “I’m gonna tell him how I feel right on!”

“That’s great!” Yamapi smiles widely. “That’s awesome Jin!”

Jin smiles back and the teddy bear makes another back flip. “So how should I do it? What exactly should I say?”

“You can’t ask me that” Yamapi shakes his head, but still smiles. “I’m no pro, and anyway shouldn’t you do it your own way? Go with the flow or something.”

“Go with the flow?” Jin crinkles his eyebrows, “But shouldn’t I have some kind of plan to create that flow?”

Yamapi falls silent for a moment, and Jin patiently waits for his friends answer. “Maybe you have a point there, Jin. Maybe we should somehow come up with different ways of you to create the right atmosphere.”

They meet up in the afternoon, after Kame’s been playing baseball with his younger brother and a few friends from school.

His face is still rosy from running around when they meet outside their favourite local ramen store, and his sweat pants, college sweater and baseball cap makes him look far from the idol he’s in training to hopefully become one day.

Jin is dressed completely different, he chose his clothes with care after Yamapi’s advice to pretend in his mind that this is a date to get himself into the right mood to confess. He ended up with light blue dress shirt he got for Christmas last year by his grandmother and a new pair of black jeans that he’s only worn once. He felt pretty good in front of the mirror but now, when he sees Kame in his really casual clothes, he feels overdressed and uncomfortable and he’s bad at not showing it.

“Stop moving in your seat and look like you wanna ditch me” Kame says once they’ve ordered their bowls. “You look great. If there’s anyone that should be feeling out of place it’s me.”

Jin goes still as he looks at Kame. Kame who looks adorable dressed like the baseball geek he is. “You look great too. I like you dressed like that” he blurts out before he can stop himself.

Kame blinks and looks surprised at the sudden compliment. “Thanks”

Jin tries to hide the blush he feels raising across his cheeks behind a napkin, pretending to be wiping something off his face. If Kame notices the weirdness of wiping your face before you’ve eaten or drunk anything he doesn’t comment on it. Instead he starts talking about the game and how he’s starting to fall behind since he can’t practice as much as he used to. He does it with a laugh though and it’s a genuine laugh so Jin knows he’s not regretting choosing Johnny’s over baseball all that much. That make it easy for Jin to laugh along freely and joke with Kame about it.

They’ve almost finished eating when Kame suddenly stops laughing and goes all serious. He gets that look on his face that Jin mostly sees at work or when Kame’s about to pitch or bat, a determined kind of seriousness. That face rarely appears when they’re alone together and the fact that it appears now, completely out of the blue, makes Jin feel awkward and a bit worried.

“Jin” Kame starts, putting his chopsticks neatly next to the bowl. “I have something I need to tell you”

“Yes?” Jin replies meekly, putting his own chopsticks to rest in the bowl. What can it possibly be that Kame has to tell him looking like that?

“I…” Kame starts, looking hesitant and vulnerable for a second. “I‘m…”

Jin’s eyes grow wide in surprise. Is Kame about to confess to him? And in a place like this? This isn’t romantic at all. No way will he let Kame say it here!

“Stop!” Jin orders before Kame can start up and continue again. “Don’t tell me now. Tell me later. This isn’t the right place!”
“Huh? Why?“ Kame asks, giving Jin a strange look. “You don’t even know what I’m about to tell you”

“No, but I have a feeling” Jin scratches the back of his head and offers Kame a sheepish smile. “So, please tell me later? I’m sure you can wait a little more with what you want to tell me”

“Your logic” Kame shakes his head, looking both amused and annoyed at the same time. “But I guess I can wait until we’re done eating. Let me know when you’re ready to hear what I have to tell you”

“I will” Jin nods and picks up his chopsticks again.

“I’m ready” Jin says later. They’re sitting on a bench in a park nearby having ice cream for dessert. It’s not much people around and the sun is shining through the leaves on it’s way down. It’s almost the perfect setting.

Kame gives him an inquiring look as he stops licking on his cone. “Okay. Then I’ll tell you” Kame’s face falls serious again and Jin gets nervous. He can’t believe Kame is actually the one who’s going to confess first. This makes it so much easier for him.

“I’m sorry” Kame says but Jin’s so caught up in own world that he actually doesn’t hear what is being said.

“I’m in love with too” Jin replies with his best smile and Kame drops his ice cream in surprise.

“You‘re in love with me?” Kame asks hesitatingly, not caring about his wasted dessert, but then something seems to hit him and his eyes narrows. “What do you mean “too”? Didn’t you listen to what I said?”

“Yes, I did” Jin says, but he’s starting to feel like he’s missed something. “You confessed your love to me”

“No I didn’t” Kame says looking dead serious except for the hint of amusement that is visible in his eyes. “I told you I’m sorry. I was apologizing for being an ass the last few weeks”

“Oh” Jin feels extremely stupid and turns his whole body to face away from Kame. Ryo had told him Kame loved him. Had Ryo only been playing a stupid prank with him? Did he just want to make Jin look like a complete fool? He’s going to kill Ryo, and he’s serious this time. He’s going to kill Yamapi too because he’s been encouraging him from day one. They’re both dead to him now.

He’s brought back from his killing spree when he feels Kame taking the ice cream away from him.

“Hey!” Jin protests. “That’s mine!”

“It’s only fair that you give it to me” Kame smirks and takes a generous bite of the quickly melting ice cream. He makes sure to swallow it all before he continues speaking, and Jin gets momentarily distracted by the vanilla ice cream coating Kame’s lips before Kame licks them clean..
“After all, you made me drop my own and then you started ignore me even though you haven’t even heard my reply to your confession. Don’t you want to hear it?” Kame tilts his head slightly, looking at Jin with gentle eyes.

“No need to hear you actually say it.” Jin mutters and looks away again. “It’ll hurt too much”

“Hurt?” Kame says, and he sounds surprised. “It’ll hurt you knowing that I’m in love with you and has been for quite a long time? I thought that would make you ha-”

“You’re in love with me?” Jin jerks his head to look at Kame with big eyes.

“Yes” Kame laughs, the sound resonating loudly in the almost silent park and his eyes are sparkling like stars.

“Really?” Jin asks just to make sure Kame’s not trying to make more fun of him, even if he knows that Kame isn’t that kind of person. He’s not like Ryo who loves laughing at people instead of with them.

“Yes” Kame calms down but his eyes are still sparkling. “But I won’t say it again. That’d be too embarrassing”

Jin’s face breaks into wide smile as he throws himself at Kame, embracing him tightly and making him drop the ice cream for the second time. Neither of them notices it though as Kame wraps his arms around Jin in return and they start laughing into each other’s hairs in pure happiness.

Later, they’re standing outside Kame’s house, holding hands and are all smiley faces. Jin hasn’t been able to stop smiling during the last couple of hours and he’s pretty sure he’ll continue to smile like a lunatic for days, weeks, months, maybe years.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” Kame says, suddenly looking shy as his eyes are darting from side to side as if he’s looking out for someone.

“Yeah” Jin nods, and mimic Kame with looking around them, but he’s using his whole body while he makes sure that no one sees them. It’d be quite embarrassing if one of Kame’s brothers, or someone else for that matter, caught them.

When they’ve made sure no one is around they both leans in, and their lips meet for the first time. Kame’s lips are as soft as Jin had imagined, and they taste a little like vanilla ice cream.

“So, good night then” Kame says as they break apart, squeezing Jin’s hand.

“Sweet dreams” Jin replies back before he leans in to steal a second kiss.

The first thing Jin does when he’s back home, closed up in his own room is to send a message to Yamapi. He tells him about everything (except for what a fool he’d made of himself and what kissing Kame feels like) because Yamapi is his best friend and they tell each other almost everything.

The end

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