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Junno/Kame one shot - Special Happiness [in lack of a better title...]

Title: Special Happiness
Pairing: Junno x Kame
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word count: 984
Summary: Kame and Junno and TUN are playing in the snow.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, if even that.
A/N: I originally wrote this for the JE AUTUMN KISS MEME and it was originally posted here where I totally forgot to stay anon. Hope some of you will enjoy reading this :)

Kame laughs as he runs, runs for his life with a laughing Junno on his tail. He kneels down in his run, grabs some snow, mashing it into a snowball, and throws it at Junno. It hits Junno’s shoulder and Kame laughs louder as he continues to run. Junno picks up his pace, snowball in hand and suddenly he is jumping on Kame knocking them both down in the snow and mashing the snow on the back of Kame’s head. Kame shivers and squirms underneath Junno as some of the snow sneaks down past his scarf and comes in contact with his skin. Junno laughs some more before he rolls of Kame and lands on the back in the snow. Kame gets up on his knees, fills his hands with snow and tries to get it in Junno’s face but Junno manages to stop him by grabbing a hold of both of Kame’s wrists. Kame stumbles over and his breath is caught in his throat as he lands on top of the other. Junno grins up at him and it stirs something inside of Kame, something he can’t really pinpoint what it is. He gives a slow smile back but it disappears from his faces when Junno suddenly rolls them over and gets up from the ground and runs away. Kame gaps at him for a brief second before he quickly shuffles himself up from the ground and starts running after the tall, smiling fool. From the corner of his eyes, he sees how Koki and Ueda are fighting their own battle while Nakamaru has started to build a snowman.

Kame catches up with Junno and throws himself at him to tackle him down on the ground again but misses him by a millimetre and lands face down in the snow. Junno turns around and laughs at him so hard, and so loudly that he has to clench his stomach. Kame takes his chance and quickly gets up to throw himself at Junno again and this time they both fall down in a heap on the ground.
“HA!” Kame smirks; picking a handful of snow and mashes into Junno’s laughing face. Junno splutters at the cold but continues to laugh and once again, Kame feels his insides flutter lightly. He blinks in confusion, sits up so that he straddles Junno and raises his hand to clench his chest where he can feel his heart starting to speed up. The racing heart could be explained by the fact that he has been running but somehow Kame doesn’t think that’s the case. No, that’s definitely not the case. His heart should be slowing down by now, not racing up. He looks down at Junno when he feels the other move beneath him and sees how Junno is clenching his chest as well. Seeing that Kame’s heart starts to beat even faster, and his whole body starts to flutter. It’s almost as if he’s- as if he’s in love, Kame realizes, and that thought confuses him even more. In love with Junno? That’s- that’s absurd! Or?

Kame looks down at Junno again and a soft smile slowly makes an appearance on his face when he sees Junno’s bright smile directed at him. They stay silent, just looking at each other for a moment before Junno slowly raises his upper body with the help of his arms. Kame slides a little so that he’s properly sitting on Junno’s lap and almost loses his balance but Junno’s left hand grabbing his upper arm keeps him up straight. The touch, even though there’s many layers of clothes between them feels oddly electrifying and Kame lets out a slightly nervous laugh. A laugh that Junno copies before he removes his hand from Kame’s arm and instead places it on Kame’s rosy cheek before he in one swift movement closes the distance between their mouths. Kame instinctively closes his eyes, and both his hands moves on their own accord to rest against Junno’s chest where he can feel Junno’s heart beating rapidly. He melts into the kiss, melts into Junno’s soft warm lips and his tongue that tastes of the hot chocolate they had earlier during the filming.

Kame has to keep himself from giggling when they break apart a moment later, but inside he’s giggling like a small kid. His whole body is tingling and he’s feeling extremely happy. He doesn’t quite understand where these sudden deeper feelings come from. Maybe they aren’t that sudden. He’s always had a special fondness for the fool, and maybe that fondness somehow grew bigger over the years. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter, not now.

Kame smiles at Junno and then he wraps his arms around the other’s neck before he leans in for another kiss. He feels Junno chuckle into the kiss but shuts the other up with pushing his tongue inside and forcing him back down in the snow.

Kame completely loses track of time so he has no idea for how long they’ve engulfed themselves only in each other when the sound of their group members calling for them somewhere in the distance. Kame reluctantly lets go of Junno’s warm lips and untangles his hands from Junno’s hair as they both sits up. Kame looks around them and sees the silhouettes of their band mates coming closer. He sighs, feeling slightly disappointed at being interrupted.
“Stop sighing” Junno says and tugs at Kame’s arm. “It’ll make you grow old faster”
Kame snorts and then moves to get off Junno but is stopped by Junno tugging at his arm again and bringing him in for soft kiss.
“We’ll never know when we’ll get the chance again” Junno smiles as they break apart and Kame snorts again even though a special kind happiness is rapidly making its way though his body. Kame is definitely going to make sure this will happen again.

The end

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This was super cute ♥

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Awww thank you! :3

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I want to say thank you for writing this once again ♥♥♥ (I was an OP =))

He melts into the kiss, melts into Junno’s soft warm lips and his tongue that tastes of the hot chocolate they had earlier during the filming.
I wanted to put hot chocolate somewhere in my prompt but forgot about it in the end XDD And when I read that sentence I was all asdfgfghf; XDDDD
Really thank you for the fic

And can I add you as a friend?

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Thank you! ♥

It still makes me really happy to hear you enjoyed what I wrote, but really, you should get some of the credit since it was your prompt that inspire the story ♥

Hot Chocolate is a must in a winter fic, so it just naturally sneaked its way into this XP

Sure you can add me as a friend! I'm always open to meet new people :D

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you should get some of the credit since it was your prompt that inspire the story ♥
thanks ♥ but I think then part of credit should go to the JE Random Pairing Generator as well XDDD Because I took the snowball fight (as well as pillow fight from my previous prompt from smut meme) from it XDDD Even though I can't write fanfiction at all (even in my native language) I like to play with that Generator sometimes XDDD

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Ah, that's right you were the one who requested the pillow fight. Must be fate that I've ended up writing for you twice X3

That generator is quite funny, but I've never gotten inspired by it before, well until you showed up in my life and tricked me with it ;P

I'm doing a 10 genres fanfic meme, and if you feel like it you can go here (http://swedish-weirdo.livejournal.com/68669.html) and request :D

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Must be fate that I've ended up writing for you twice X3
I thought the same =D

and if you feel like it you can go here and request :D
I totally feel like it XDDD

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