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[Kamenashi/Ohkura one shot] The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach

Title: The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach
Pairings/Characters: Kamenashi/Ohkura, Taguchi/Ohkura [friendship], Kamenashi/Taguchi [friendship], Ohkura/Nishikido [friendship], Taguchi/Nishikido [?], mentions of Koki, Uchi, Yasuda, Jin and Ueda.
Genre: Fluff, humour, romance
Rating: PG
Word count: 5733
Summary:He’s not in love though, definitely not, but he might be having a tiny, tiny, crush on the guy. A crush t he’s not planning on doing anything about”
Warnings: Kame doing a lot of thinking and rambling,, Kame not making sense all the time, Pancakes and Ohkura being out of character.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
A/N: I have to apologize to any Ohkura, or Kanjani8 fans who reads this and thinks that Ohkura is totally out of character. I have never written him or even mentioned him in anything I’ve written before. The reason I wrote this because I became completely stupefied by Ohkura’s AnAn (which I btw think is one of the hottest and sexiest naked shots ♥) and when I find someone hot, I naturally just want him together with Kame. They’d look awesome together ♥ But since I barely know anything about Ohkura I had to do some research to make him as in character as possible. I’m still afraid I might’ve failed D:
I’ll dedicate this fic to [livejournal.com profile] believetobefree and [livejournal.com profile] gina84, which both have encouraged me to write this fic. I hope you both will enjoy reading it ♥

Kame looks up from painting his nails as he hears the sound of the door to the dressing room creak open. It’s Ohkura.
“Taguchi has gone to the bathroom,” Kame says, because it is obvious Ohkura is there to speak with see Taguchi, and sends of a polite smile. “Make yourself comfortable” he motions with his left hand at the empty couch before he goes back to painting it.
“Thanks Kamenashi-kun” Ohkura smiles back and with a few long strides. They fall silent and Kame almost forgets he is not alone in the room anymore until he accidentally slips with the brush and colours the left side of his right hand’s index finger black. He curses and then jolts in surprise when Ohkura asks what’s wrong. He recovers quickly.
“I slipped” Kame explains and shows Ohkura the finger.
“Oh, do you want me to help you out?” Ohkura smiles and moves from the couch to sit on the chair next to Kame by the makeup table. Kame is surprised over the question because the only persons who’s ever asked that before is Jin and Uchi. You would think that Koki, who is both very kind hearted and paints his own nails, would offer to help sometimes but somehow that has never happened.
“Thanks” Kame nods and hands the small paintbrush to Ohkura before he spreads his hand out on the tabletop. Ohkura goes into the task with full concentration. The focus in his eyes and the way his lips pressed into a tight line makes something stir inside Kame as he watches the other work. He rarely gets to meet Ohkura, and the times he does actually run into him there are always people around them, be it the rest of Kanjani8 or just Junno. Speaking of Junno, he should be back any second now. Kame glances over at the door and it is as if on cue, the door to the door creaks open and Junno walks in with a smile.
“Ah, Tadayoshi” he beams and bounces up to them.
“Junno” Ohkura replies without losing his concentration as he with precision paints Kame’s ring finger.
“What do you wanna eat for dinner?” Junno asks pulling out a chair and sits down on Ohkura is other side.
“Yakiniku” Ohkura answers still without looking at Junno but Kame’s stomach makes a rumbling noise at the thought of food and he’s reminded that he hasn’t eaten anything proper since breakfast.
“Wanna join us Kazuya?” Junno turns his attention to Kame. The idea is tempting, very tempting but he’s not off work for another few hours.
“I can’t” he sighs. “I wish I could but.” he sighs again.
Junno’s smile falters slightly, and something that could be a mix of concern and understanding appears in his eyes.
“Another time?” Kame smiles and Junno nods.
“Done” Ohkura says and gives Kame’s hand a light pat before he puts the brush back in the bottle and it is as if the touch sets of a wave of electricity through Kame’s body and makes him tingle. Kame recovers from the shock quickly and smiles at Ohkura.
“Thank you Ohkura-kun” Kame lifts his hand of the table and into the air to inspect the work in a better light. “It looks great”
“No problems” Ohkura smiles as he gets up from the chair and turns to Junno. “I’m starving. Let’s go?”
“Yeah” Junno nods and reaches for his bag and jacket before they say goodbye to Kame and leaves him alone again in the dressing room.

Kame has just made it into bed when his phone starts ringing with that annoying ring tone that Jin, months ago found it hilarious to set as Kame’s standard signal. Kame really hates the signal but just hasn’t remembered to change it yet. When he sees that it’s Junno that is calling he first thinks about ignoring it but then quickly changes his mind. Junno never calls this late so it could be something very important.
“Kame” he says into the phone and a chipper voice greets him.
“Kaaazuuuyaaa” Junno giggles and Kame suspects he might be drunk.
“What is it?” Kame grunts in annoyance. He’s not up for stupid drunk calls from band mates, or anybody else for that matter.
“Can we sleep on your couch?” Junno asks.
“We?” Kame asks back, confused for a moment but then remembering that Junno went out for dinner with Ohkura. Dinner that obviously included a lot of drinks. “Why? Why not sleep at your own place?”
“Because stupid me forgot my keys at work” Junno, trips slightly over his words and then giggles. Kame groans again. Why did Junno call him? Why couldn’t he have called Koki? Or Ueda? Or somebody else?
“Where are you?” Kame asks getting out of bed to get blankets out from the closet.
“Outside your building” Junno giggles again and Kame hits his forehead against the closet door.

Ohkura seems to be completely out of it when Kame comes downstairs to help Junno carrying the guy upstairs since the elevator in his building is out of order. Ohkura’s leaning against Junno, his head resting on Junno’s shoulder and his eyes closed, most likely deep in a drunken sleep. Kame can’t help but think that the sight is kind of hilarious and adorable at the same time but he doesn’t show it. He makes sure to keep an annoyed look on his faces. After some debating over how to best do it, they decide that Kame will grab Ohkura’s legs and Junno will grab Ohkura under the arms. It surprises Kame to no end that Ohkura doesn’t even as much as stir in his sleep as he’s manhandled. He must’ve drunk a lot to be able to sleep that hard.

They throw Ohkura on the couch and Ohkura grunts as he lands on the soft pillows. Kame takes one of the blankets he’d taken out earlier and cover’s Ohkura with it, tucks him in properly so that he won’t be cold. Ohkura mumbles something and Kame can’t help the smile that creeps up on his face because Ohkura looks pretty damn adorable when he’s sleeping. Kame shakes his head to get that thought out of his head and quickly turns to face Junno, only Junno is not in the room with them. Kame frowns. Where did the stupid boy go now?

He searches through every room, not that there is many - a study room/guest room/work out room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and bedroom. Junno it seems thought that Kame’s bed would be the appropriate place to crash and he’s already sleeping when Kame finds him. Kame sighs, he’s too tired to start up an argument with a drunken person, and then just crawls in to bed next to him because it’s not as if he hasn’t shared bed with Junno, or any other friend before.

Obviously, Kame is the first one to wake up the next morning. Junno’s snoring loudly and hugging a pillow close to his body. In the living room, Ohkura is lying half way out over the edge of the couch, right leg and arm touching the floor, and a few feet away Ran-chan and Jelly are sitting still watching the stranger. He smiles at the sight before he goes and takes a shower. When he comes back into the living room twenty minutes later, showered and dressed, to get Ran-chan and Jelly for the morning walk they’ve moved closer to the sleeping body, sniffing the air around him. Jelly dares to give Ohkura’s hand a quick lick but pulls back when Ohkura groans. Kame lets out a soft chuckle.

Kame can take it easy the entire morning because he doesn’t need to be in for work before noon and he makes the most of his long morning. The most in this sense means a long walk, a long breakfast and reading the morning papers while half-heartedly listening in on some morning show on TV.

He’s in the middle of his second cup of coffee, sitting comfortably in his favourite armchair, reading the sports section when Ohkura wakes up, slowly raising up from the couch and letting out a loud yawn.
“Good morning” Kame says glancing over at the other. Ohkura looks worn out and tired and his hair is a complete mess.
“Mornin” Ohkura mumbles back and then he blinks in confusion. “Kamenashi-kun?”
“Junno brought you here,” Kame explains. “He’s still sleeping”
“Okay” Ohkura nods, stretching his arms above his head and Kame can’t help but glance at Ohkura’s well tanned stomach, as it’s revealed to his eyes when Ohkura’s wrinkly shirt is riding up as a curtain with the action. It’s a nice sight, but Kame quickly turns his attention towards the newspaper in his lap before he can get caught staring.
“Bathroom?” Ohkura asks and Kame hears how the other gets up from the couch.
“Just down the hall, first door to the left” Kame replies and turns to look at Ohkura once more. “If you want to take a shower there’s towels on the highest shelf in the cabinet.
“Thanks” Ohkura gives him a tired smile before he leaves the room and Kame can’t help how his eyes seems to glue themselves to Ohkura’s back.

As a host, even if it’s for uninvited guests, Kame thinks it’s his duty to feed them. So when Ohkura gets out from the bathroom fifteen minutes later, Kame has set to make pancakes. A tired looking Junno is sitting by the table harbouring a cup of coffee while waiting for the painkillers Kame had provided him to kick in.
“Food?” Ohkura’s tired face splits in two by a big, hungry grin and his tired eyes lit up with delight.
“Yeah” Kame chuckles, and then points at the table with the spatula. “Sit down, it’ll be ready soon. Do you want any painkillers?”
“No, I’m good” Ohkura replies as he pulls out the chair next to Junno. “You look like a zombie Junno,” he laughs and Junno, despite having a bad hangover, smiles at his friend and thanks him. Kame continues with his cooking while he half-heartedly listens in on their friendly chatter. It feels nice. It’s been quite a while since he had anyone crashing at his place. He might’ve been annoyed about it last night, but now he’s somewhat happy Junno called him.

“Here you go. Dig in” Kame says placing plates of pancakes on the table. He grins as he sees how Ohkura licks his lips. “I hope you’ll enjoy it”
Ohkura quickly reaches for the jam and pours a big amount onto his plate. Kame cringes slightly; he’d never be able to eat that much sugar in the morning. He sits down across from them at the table and watches as Ohkura takes his first bite of the pancake. It’s quite a hilarious sight to see, and a very good booster for Kame’s ego. Ohkura’s eyes grow big and he lets out a loud pleased noise.
“This is delicious” Ohkura praises with a smile that could beat Junno’s, before he continues to eat with great enthusiasm.
“Thanks” Kame smiles, pouring up a new cup of coffee for himself.
“I told you Kame is a great cook” Junno beams and Kame wonders how in the world his cooking skills has ever made it into one of theirs conversations but he doesn’t ask. Ohkura just hums in reply to Junno’s comment as he’s too busy stuffing his mouth with food. A very pleasant feeling makes itself comfortable in Kame’s body as he sips on his coffee and watches his guests, eyes mostly on Ohkura, enjoying the food he’s made for them.

Kame doesn’t see Ohkura for weeks after that day. He thinks about him sporadically though and every time he catches himself with doing so he hits himself on the forehead. He doesn’t know why he suddenly gotten so interested in the tall, handsome guy with an appetite of an elephant. He’s never paid much attention to the guy before, but now, now his ears perks up every time he hears Junno mention or speaks directly to Ohkura on the phone. And Junno speaks about Ohkura a lot. Name dropping him all the time at the most random occasions something Kame is sure never happened before. Or maybe he just never paid attention to it before because he didn’t have any real interest until now.
He’s not in love though, definitely not, but he might be having a tiny, tiny, crush on the guy. A crush he’s not planning to do anything about. He’s just gonna let it fade with time, like he’s done with almost every crush he’s had, and he doesn’t even know if Ohkura swings the same way. He might’ve done something about his crush if it’d been Yasuda he’d been crushing on. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

“Kazuya, you’re having a day off tomorrow, right?” Junno asks over lunch. It’s Friday and they’re eating the food provided by the magazine they’re shooting for.
“Yeah” Kame answers and eyes Junno with curiosity. “Why?”
“I was just thinking that maybe you’d like to join me and Tadayoshi for dinner and drinks tonight” Junno smiles. “As a thanks for your hospitality.”
“Sure” Kame smiles back and then kick himself mentally when he feels how his body is starting to flutter inside.
“Awesome” Junno beams and starts typing away on his phone. He’s probably informing Ohkura about the plans. Kame continues eating or more like picking in it as he starts thinking about what the evening might bring. He’s not gonna drink anything. Definitely not. Because he becomes a blabbermouth and overly touchy-feely when he’s drunk. However, as said before, things doesn’t always go as planned.

“Here have another glass” Junno says and pours some more wine into Kame’s glass and Kame doesn’t stop him. It had started out with just one glass at dinner, thinking that one glass wouldn’t kill him. That glass though seemed to be able to fill itself up because Kame never saw anyone pour more into it and yet it never got empty and now he’s tipsy enough to have forgotten about his plan of not drinking.
“Let’s do a cheer,” Kame says once his glass is filled up to the brim and raises it of the table.
“For what?” Ohkura asks his cheeks pink from alcohol and stuffing himself with food. He looks happy, unlike Ryo who sitting next to him and had somehow been pulled along by Ohkura. Ryo’s been in a foul mood all evening and it has only worsened by the alcohol he’s consumed. Kame has no idea at all why Ohkura brought Ryo along, especially when it’s clear Ryo would rather be somewhere else.
“For friendship” Kame smiles, feeling giddy, and happy, and relaxed. Ryo snorts but they all ignore him and raise their glasses high in the air.
“For friendship” Junno and Ohkura echoes and then they all clink their glasses together and laugh before they empties their glasses.
“Let’s cheer again” Kame says and refills everyone’s glasses, Ryo’s too. “Let’s cheer for hmm… let‘s cheer for-”
“The future?” Junno suggests raising his glass already.
“Love?” Ohkura pipes in and then laughs as Ryo smacks him over the head.
“Let’s cheer for future loves” Kame says and raises his glass with a smile.
“Future loves” Ohkura echoes and their eyes lock over the table. Kame feels how his body is starting to prickle all over and his mind goes blank. It’s like he’s caught in a trance and he doesn’t get out of it until Junno clinks his glass too hard against Kame’s and both their glasses breaks. Ryo starts laughing hysterically while Junno jumps out of his chair to run after something to clean up the mess with. Kame just blinks in confusion at the broken glass in his hand.

“I want pancakes” Ohkura whines as they many drinks later leave the restaurant. They’re all buzzed and Kame hasn’t been this drunk in months. He’s clinging on Ohkura’s arm because Junno’s busy holding Ryo up straight and wouldn’t be able to stand straight without support. Or that is what he tells himself.
“Then get some pancakes” Ryo grunts and tries to stand on his own but fails. Thankfully, Junno’s reflexes work well even when he’s somewhat drunk and he saves Ryo just before he lands on the ground in a heap.
“Make me some pancakes Kame-kun” Ohkura turns on big smile as he turns to Kame and pokes him in the cheek with his index finger. Kame blinks and then smiles back.
“Sure” he answers because his reason flew out long ago and right now making pancakes in the middle of the night sounds like a great idea. Ohkura’s smile grows even bigger and he pokes Kame’s cheek again.
“I love your pancakes”
Kame’s head starts spinning and his heart starts beating like a jackhammer in his chest. He feels dizzy and he clings to Ohkura’s arm a little tighter to keep himself from falling over. Ohkura loves, loves his pancakes. It feels like he’s just received a great love confession and he doesn’t know how to respond to it.
“Thanks” he says at last but he’s not sure Ohkura’s heard him because he’s already turned his head towards Junno and Ryo, happily announcing that Kame’s treating them to all to pancakes.

Making pancakes when you’re drunk is not an easy task. Kame learns this even before he actually has made any. Flour flies everywhere, eggshells end up in the paste and paste ends up on his clothes and on the floor. He’s too drunk to care about the mess though because his drunken mind is fully set on making Ohkura happy. Ohkura who’s sitting at the kitchen table with a beer in his hand and a laugh close to hand. Kame’s body tingle all over whenever Ohkura laughs. Ryo passed out on Kame’s couch the minute he sat down but what Junno’s doing Kame has no idea about. He was looking through Kame’s bookshelf when Kame left him in the living room to keep an eye on Ryo.

When the paste is finally done, and looks smooth enough Kame starts bake them. The first one gets burned because Kame gets distracted by a story Ohkura tells about someone Kame’s never heard off, but Ohkura insists on eating it anyway and does so with a lot of jam and a lot of enthusiasm. The second and third one becomes a mess because Kame’s too impatient and wants to make a perfect pancake as quickly as possible. He doesn’t let Ohkura have those two and throws them in the trashcan as quick as possible. The fourth one turns out okay, not perfect but good enough and when Kame sets the plate in front the receives the most brilliant smile he’s ever received to date.
“Thank you” Ohkura says and Kame has to sit down on a chair to keep himself from falling. Being drunk and being in love at the same time really doesn’t do well for him. He doesn’t say anything in return because it feels like anything he’d say would just sound stupid so instead he just smiles back and watches as Ohkura starts eating. He’s never been fascinated about the sight of anyone eating before but there is just something about Ohkura’s way of eating, something about his enthusiasm that’s enchanting him. He’d been distracted back at the restaurant as well, but this time it is much harder to look away because it is food Kame’s prepared that Ohkura is enjoying.
“I could seriously eat this everyday,” Ohkura says between bites. “It’s that yummy, like seriously.”
“I wouldn’t mind making it everyday” Kame says and then claps both his hands over his mouth, hoping that the words had come out slurry. He blushes behind his hands as Ohkura stops eating to look at him.
“What did you just say?” Ohkura asks.
“Uh” Kame drops his hands searching for a good explanation but never gets that far before the scent of smoke hits his nose and he flies of the chair. He’d totally forgotten about the pancake in the frying pan. He curses as he takes the pan from the stove and moves it to the sink. He’s too busy cursing himself that he doesn’t pay it any thought that the water is already running until after a few seconds. He looks up from the pan and sees a hand resting on the tap, realizing that Ohkura got up from the table to help him out. He tilts his head upwards to face the other guy, and like never before he feels overly self-conscious about his height. He knows he’s not that short, but Ohkura is that tall and they’re standing so close to each other.
“I…” Kame starts before Ohkura can say anything weird. “I need some fresh air” he rushes to turn of the water, coming in contact with Ohkura’s hand makes a jolt go through him, before he quickly makes his way to the balcony. As he strides through the living room, he sees from the corner of his eye how Junno’s fallen asleep, sitting on the floor in front of the couch and his head resting against Ryo’s hip.

The cool air outside feels refreshing and it helps him clear his drunken mind from stupid thoughts and to shake off the feelings and calm his beating heart. He lifts his gaze up at the sky as he takes deep breath of air. The moon is shining clear in the sky, but nearly no stars are visible and his mind wanders to his grandparents and the village their living in. The sky there is always filled with stars, he used to try to count them as a kid but his brothers always disrupted him and he had to start over. It was so easy back then when he didn’t need to worry about love or work. He sighs and then smiles for himself as he loses himself in happy memories.

He’s brought back to reality when a beer can appears in front of his eyes. He turns his head to the left and comes face to face with Ohkura.
“Beer?” he asks with a smile and Kame just stares at the can for a moment before he takes it. He’s not gonna drink it though, not now when he feels like he’s slowly starting to sober up.
“Ah, the moons out” Ohkura says and looks up at the sky while sipping on his own beer. Kame’s surprised that Ohkura’s still doesn’t seem half as drunk as Kame’s felt for most of the evening, night. He must have a very high tolerance and that makes Kame wonder just how much Ohkura had drunken when Junno dragged him here the other day.
“Have you ever thought about how it’d be to fly to the moon?” Ohkura asks sounding as thoughtful and philosophical as one only gets in the middle of the night. “I wonder what it’d be like walking on the moon. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to go there?”
Kame turns to look at the moon, it’s almost full.
“I guess, yeah” he hums, turning his head to look at Ohkura again. In the darkness Ohkura’s skin look almost white, and the faint light the moon is providing is giving him a special shine. He almost sparkles. He looks beautiful. Kame curses himself for letting his thoughts wander that path again and hit himself in the forehead with the beer can. It hurts more than he anticipated and he curses aloud at the pain.
“What happened?” Ohkura turns his head to look at Kame, who rubbing his forehead with the cold beer can to get the pain to subside.
“Nothing” Kame says and feels stupid as he lowers the can again. His forehead is still stinging a bit and he’d like to put the can back up there.
“You’re not going to drink it?” Ohkura points at Kame’s can with his own.
“No” Kame says and hand the can back to Ohkura. “You can have it if you want”
Ohkura puts his own can down on the table behind them before he grabs the beer from Kame.
“Thanks Kame-kun” he gives Kame a toothy grin, making Kame’s insides squirm again and he turns to look out over the city.
“You’re welcome” Kame mumbles and then shrieks as beer comes splashing out from the can, making them both into more of a mess than they already are from the pancake making. The shriek morphs into laughter when he sees Ohkura’s surprised smile and soon they’re sitting on the ground laughing like they’ve never experienced anything more fun in their lives.

Kame wakes up the next morning with a headache and the smell of old beer and pancakes lingering in the air. Next to him, he hears heavy breathing and when he twists around, he comes face to face with a sleeping Ohkura. Kame’s too tired and his head is aching too much for him to muster a reaction proper enough for the situation. He just grunts and closes his eyes again to go back to sleep. He doesn’t have anywhere he has to be today so he can stay in bed for as long as he wants to. He’s almost managed to fall asleep when a heavy arm falls over his chest. His body freezes and his eyes shot open and suddenly he feels a lot more awake and aware of the situation. Especially since he know realizes that he’s shirtless. He turns his head to the side and gulps when he sees that Ohkura is just as shirtless as he is. How did that happen? He moves one of his legs from out under the blanket and sighs in relief when he sees that he’s still in his jeans.
“Kame-kun?” Ohkura mumbles and Kame’s head spins to the right to look at him. His eyes are still closed, and Kame thinks he might’ve imagined it all.
“Ohkura-kun?” Kame tries attentively and sucks in a deep breath when Ohkura opens one eye to peer at him and a lazy smile slowly stretches across his lips.
“Mornin’” Ohkura says and closes his eye again but the smile stays put. “What’s for breakfast?”
Breakfast? Breakfast? That’s the last thing on Kame’s mind and it should be the last thing on Ohkura’s mind as well.
“What do you want?” Kame asks back instead, and tenses up when he feels Ohkura’s fingers tap his side softly.
“Pancakes” Ohkura opens both his eyes this time. “You told me yesterday you wouldn’t mind making it for me everyday”
Kame turns his head away from Ohkura and tries to hide his blush. “I used the last eggs last night.” he says daring a glance at Ohkura.
“I’ll go out and buy some” Ohkura replies, moving his arm away from Kame and sits up on the bed. “Is there anything else you need?”
“Uh,” Kame starts dumbly, his eyes locked on Ohkura’s body as he gets out of bed. “No, I don’t think so”
“Hmm, okay” Ohkura disappears out of the bedroom like he’s completely at home in Kame’s apartment but he reappears a second later. “I just realized I don’t have a shirt on,” he says with a goofy grin. “Could I maybe borrow one of yours?”
“Of course” Kame scrambles out of bed as fast as his tired body can manage and opens his wardrobe. He pulls out a random t-shirt and offers it to Ohkura with a faint smile. Ohkura thanks him and pulls the shirt quickly over the head before he disappears again.

Kame is prepared to start cleaning up the mess he caused in the kitchen the night before but when he walks into the room, he’s surprised to see that it has already been done. There are no traces of flour or egg or paste anywhere and the plates and pan and the other utilities are thoroughly washed and put into the dish rack. He leaves the room to go and see if Ryo and Junno are up. Maybe they’d been nice enough to clean the kitchen. He rules them out as soon as he sees them though because both of them are still fast asleep and snoring loudly. Ryo on the couch, with one arm dangling of the edge and resting on top Junno who’s sleeping on the floor. He kind of pities Junno for ending up asleep on the floor, with not even a blanket to protect him from the cold. He reaches for a blanket on the armchair and covers Junno with it. Better late than never.

Kame’s nursing a big cup of coffee when Ohkura comes back with two bags of groceries, one of them only containing packages of egg; the other is stuffed with different kinds of fruits. Kame smiles with amusement as he watches Ohkura unload the bags. Ohkura must be really hungry. When he’s done unpacking, Ohkura turns to Kame with excited eyes, looking like a child on its birthday. Kame smiles before finishing his coffee and getting up from his seat. He takes the eggs and soon he’s mixing the paste together with the help of Ohkura by his side. It feels nice, and Kame learns that Ohkura is quite good when it comes to cooking. He cracks the egg like a pro, and whisks the paste with just the right speed.
“It was you, right?” Kame asks once he’s starting baking the pancakes in the pan and Ohkura’s sitting by the table with a cup of coffee.
“It was me who what?” Ohkura asks back slowly stirring his coffee with a spoon.
“Who cleaned the kitchen” Kame elaborates and glances over at Ohkura from over his shoulder.
“Yeah” Ohkura smiles. “Last night when you pulled that disappearing act on me and disappeared out on the balcony. I just couldn’t leave the mess behind”
“You didn’t need to do it” Kame says and looks over at Ohkura again and smiles. “But thanks.”
“No problems” Ohkura hides behind his cup and Kame blinks in confusion as he thinks he sees something that could be blush on Ohkura’s cheeks. He turns back to the pan and moves the pancake from the pan to the plate. Perfect! He pours some more paste into the hot pan before he walks over to the table with the plate. He’s almost reached Ohkura when he slips on something and he falls straightforward. The pancake flies of the plate and lands on the floor while Kame ends up sprawled across the table and halfway into Ohkura’s lap, arms over Ohkura’s shoulder and plate still in his hand. Ohkura looks at him with mixed confusion and amusement.
“Ops” he says and looks between Kame and the pancake on the floor.
“Ops” Kame repeats feeling incredibly stupid.
“Are you okay?” Ohkura asks and now he looks a bit worried as he locks his eyes with Kame.
“Yeah I’m okay” Kame tries a smile, but it feels fake because he’s not feeling okay, at least not his ego. And what the hell did he slip on?
“No real harm done then” Ohkura says taking the plate from Kame’s hand before helping Kame to get back up and Kame ends up sitting on the table. Ohkura gives Kame another smile before he bends down and picks the pancake up from the floor and takes a bite. Kame’s jaw drops to the floor in surprise.
“Yummy” Ohkura grins and then puts the cake into Kame’s open mouth and instinctively Kame takes a bite. It tastes good, not perfect, but good enough.
“Even with a little dirty your pancakes keeps world class” Ohkura stuffs the rest of it into his mouth before he gets up from the chair and walks over to the stove and turns the pancake Kame has completely forgotten about. Having Ohkura in his kitchen is clearly not good for Kame’s cooking. Kame will try to remember that for the future.

Later they’re back on the balcony, waiting for Ryo and Junno to wake up. The sun is up and it’s a great autumn day. It’s nice.
“Kame-kun?” Ohkura says and moves closer to Kame on the couch and their arms brushes together.
“Yeah?” Kame asks slightly confused because suddenly there’s something heavy and serious hanging in the air. Ohkura looks serious too.
“Did you mean it when you said you wouldn’t mind making it to me every morning?”
Kame quickly turns hiss eyes away from Ohkura because, seriously, why does he bring that up again. Wasn’t it enough to do it earlier this morning?
“Because if you did then that’s like the best thing I’ve ever heard. In return for you making breakfast for me I’d make dinner for you”
Kame stays still and quite for a moment, just staring out in the air. He’s not sure, but that could have be Ohkura’s way of confessing to him. Kame knows that that thought is absurd but the fluttering in Kame’s stomach wants to believe it is a confession he‘s just received. He slowly turns to look at Ohkura and then flinches back slightly when he sees how close Ohkura’s face is to his.
“What did you mea-” Kame starts to ask but Ohkura leaning in and planting a quick, chaste kiss on his lips cuts him off. Kame blinks at Ohkura and lets out a surprised “Oh”
“So what do you say? Would you let me make you dinner some times?” Ohkura smiles and Kame can’t help but smile back and then he leans in to give Ohkura another kiss. He doesn’t get that far though because someone clearing their throat behind them interrupts him.
“Do you have any coffee, Kazuya?” Junno asks, sounding way to chipper and they both turn to look at him. Ryo’s standing next Junno, looking a strange mix of annoyed and amused.
“Eh? Oh, yeah. There’s a pot with freshly made coffee in the kitchen” Kame replies and Junno beams at him.
“Thanks!” he says and then grabs Ryo by the wrist. “Nishikido-kun, lets leave them alone and get some breakfast”
Ryo yelps as Junno drags him back inside and Kame and Ohkura looks after them for a moment before they look back at each other and smiles.

The end

[identity profile] gina84.livejournal.com 2011-09-19 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
HEY!! O__o you can't dedicate me a fic with such a pairing!!

but since you obviously did, I'll read it later after getting myself ready /bricked

thank you, anyway ;)

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Haha, I'll make sure to write something Akame for you the next couple of weeks to make up for this XP Maybe I could tempt you with some awkward junior!akame? ;)

[identity profile] gina84.livejournal.com 2011-10-02 09:01 pm (UTC)(link)
first, dear, please, don't think you need to make up anything for this one, okay? I'm quite sure I and my tweets helped with pushing the thought about this pairing into your head the other day xD #whathaveidone #akameforgiveme

anyway, to the fic, since I already made you wait for my comment long enough. sorry about it.. as I said, my internet situation was the worst =__=

At least I had this image of Kame painting his nails on my mind *___* How did you know about my little fetish for Kame's polished nails??? xDD
Can I say that I was in love with the simple scene of him polishing his nails right at the beginning? xDD And yes, I read it three times before proceeding further *bricked*

And then Junno and Ohkura crushing in Kame's appartment! xDD And Kame was so sweet taking care of them ♥
btw I don't think I've ever read a fic where Junno had such a 'big' role xDD He was always like a part of 'kat-tun' group when the main focus laid on Akame... the others did nothing more than throwing a word or two once in a while, and Junno said something silly.. and in here he was quite 'normal' xDD It was a nice surprise.

Kame has no idea at all why Ohkura brought Ryo along, especially when it’s clear Ryo would rather be somewhere else. LOL I think I'm doomed, sort of. Bc it's really NOT normal - you wrote me a fic with two my currently most fav guys, however, I was all giddy each time you mentioned Ryo O__o I suppose it was a defense against paying too much attention to what was going on between Kame and Ohkura *bricked*

“I could seriously eat this everyday.”
“I wouldn’t mind making it everyday.”
Nice *__* I could seriously eat everyday ANYTHING Kame would make xDD #justsaying

And lol @ Ryo sleeping half on the couch and half falling down onto sleeping Junno xDD *imagines it again*

Overall, you did it again!! *hugs* I think the main reason why I love your teen!Akame so much is the feeling you can convey in your fics, the way the characters are just slowly, step by step realizing what is going on between them, all the quite awkward moments of not knowing where to look or how to touch, or if actually touch at all...

I'm still waiting for my Ohkura!icons to be done especially for me, so I'll leave you with Ryo xDD

Thank you once again for this!

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PANCAKE HEAVEN! Now I really want pancakes, I remember you said you got the munchies whilst writing this as well! :d

Such a sweet story♥ You do these "getting together for the first time/discovering their feelings" fics so well! I read this with a constant smile/grin on my face! :)

Junno is such a drunk♥, and I love Kame's brief height complex that you included (Perfect height for me though xP) and Kame waking up next to Ohkura was almost better than the actual confession scene ^^

and thanks for the dedication!♥ I embrace almost any Kame pairing and I really like Ohkura so it's more than welcome! :D
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