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This is me!

Since I have made quite a few friends though the friending meme, and I’ve seen some of them do a intro post I’ve decided to be a copy cat and do one myself as well.

Name: Christina but mostly goes by Stina.
Born: 87.09.22
Family: Mum, dad, older brother, younger sister and a cat black cat called Lucy.
Live: At my parents place in Göteborg (Gothenburg) Sweden, which is on the west coast of Sweden and it’s also the second biggest city of Sweden with a population of 933 560.
Occupation: Student and the resident housemaid (does a lot of cooking and cleaning at home  voluntarily since I live for free).
Hobbies: writing, reading, painting, dancing (read: jump around to loud music in my room), sining, hanging out on twitter and LJ, listening to music, laughing, watch Jdramas.

One of the most important thing about me that everyone must know is that I can be very slow at realizing when someone is sarcastic and therefore I may sometimes seem a bit dumb. Just wanted to make this clear. This is something my younger sister loves making fun of, and I don’t really mind.

I love laughing and I have easy to find it. If I think something is funny I’ll laugh, and most likely really loudly. My humour can sometimes be very random and sometimes people don’t get why I laugh at something.

I listen to a lot of music and of almost every genre there is because I believe that there is something good in every genre, you just have to find it.. However, some genres are clearly under represented on my CD collection and on my iPod and that is hip hop, RnB, electronic, soul, blues, techno, and house.
Over represented on my iPod is 60’s rock/pop (The Kinks, Beach Boys etc), 90’s pop (Spice Girls, Take That), Punk rock (Joan Jett, Blink-182, Green day and NOFX), Jpop (of course!), Pop (Britney Spears, Robbie Williams) and Eurovision (yes I am a Eurovision Song Contest Nerd XD)

I love reading, but haven’t done much of it lately. I would never voluntarily read dystopia or tragedy or horror because the written word effects me very much Books affect me in ways movies rarely does. Watching a horror movie gets me scared for the moment being, but as soon as the movie is over, it leaves me. After reading a book that’s too scary or too thrilling I can get paranoid. A friend got me to read a really scary book a few years ago, it took me half a year to finish it because I had to wait a few days between every reading,. That book made me think about murders creeping under my bed or outside my window DX

I’m not a big movie watcher, and I rarely watch movies on my own. I love deep and dramatic movies, with a not necessary happy ending but at least a hopeful one (Dead Poets Society ♥ Revolutionary Road). I also love light-hearted British romantic comedies (Notting Hill, Bridget Jones Diary) and teen age movies (10 things I hate about you, Mean Girls) and Disney movies (Toy Story, The Lion King), I also love Ben Stiller comedies (Zoolander), Musicals (Hair, Moulin Rouge, Grease, Mamma Mia) and movies about kids but not necessarily made for kids (Billy Elliot, Mickybo and Me).

When it comes to TV, I mostly watch crime shows such as CRIMINAL MINDS, Law and Order S.V.U, CSI, CSI NY and Cold Case. I also enjoy watching a good British detective story like Inspector Lewis or Midsummer Murders. Apart from that I like watching Swedish Idol and American SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?. In my humble opinion SYTYCD? Is the best talent show ever aired on TV and I’ve been following it since season 2. Everything about that show is awesome and I can’t understand how anyone could not want to watch it. i also enjoy watching Glee, The OC and Beverly Hills 90210.

KAT-TUN is the group that gets me most excited and worked up, but I also consider myself a quite big fan of News, Tegomass and Arashi and I’m slowly getting more and more into Kanjani8 and T&T. I have some songs by older and younger groups in my music collection as well.

My absolute favourite Johnny’s is Kamenashi and he’s sitting securely on the top while everyone else fights for the other spots. Who’s my second favourite can varies from day to day or hour to hour but the ones most often landing there is Nakamaru, Taguchi, Matsumoto, Shige, Ryo and Aiba. Yamapi and Jin used to land the second spot a lot in the past but lately, the last year or so, I haven’t found them as endearing or interesting as I used to :/

As for pairings, anyone paired up with Kame goes except for Kokame. For some reason I can’t read fiction with Kokame as a main pairing, it just doesn’t work for me. I can’t read Pin either, unless it’s strictly BFF because I can’t see them as anything but friends. I sometimes read other parings than Kame/?, but not very often and if I do then it mostly is Maruda, Ryoda, Junda, or Matsumoto/anyone else in Arashi.

Oh jdrams how I love thee! ♥
It was actually through Hana Yori Dango that I got into this lovely, sparkly fandom. Hana Yori Dango was showed to me by one of my best friend who’s not a fan of Johnny’s or Japanese pop culture in general, she had just found it somewhere and thought I might like it. That was back in early January 2009, and she had no idea what that would lead to XD Since then I’ve watched 80+ dramas.(go here for the list)
I mostly goes for school, romance, comedy dramas but watched some of other genres. If I start watching a drama and I get the feeling that it won’t go the way I want it there is a big chance I won’t watch the last episode XD

Other fandoms
I used to be in Busted and Mcfly (both British pop bands) way back in high school (2003-2006)and was a hardcore fan for about 2-3 years. I wrote tons of fan fiction about them, but nothing slash, and I had a homepage with a friend where we put our stories and made them Interactive (I.e you answer questions about your name, age, favourite member etc. to make it into be about you and your favourites). I’m very thankful to have been in that fandom because it made me start writing in English and I improved my English skills so much during that time. I went from C in English to A, during those 3 years XD
Harry Potter, I’m not that into it but I have had periods of time when I’ve been crazy about it and read lots and lots and lots of fictions. No slash here either because I love the canon pairings, especially Ron x Hermione.
Criminal Minds. This is probably my favourite crime show ever and I have read quite a lot of fan fiction but never written anything. Morgan x Garcia is a wonderful pairing and Dr Spencer Reid is an awesome character. The hot geek that doesn’t realize his own sexiness can never go wrong with me ;)

I’ll end this post with giving you all a warm welcome and lots of love. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together!

♥ ♥ ♥

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