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[Akame one shot] The Two of Us

Title: The Two of Us
Pairing: junior!Akame, Kame/Jin/Ryo/Yamapi friendship
Genre: Fluff, humour, romance
Rating: PG
Word count: 3350
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: Kame’s sure of his feelings for Jin. He’s not sure about Jin’s feelings for him, but that doesn’t stop him from pretending that the time they spend together that day is a date.
A/N: this was supposed to be a drabble but somehow it morphed into something much longer. Been a few months since I wrote Akame, but I’m glad to be back and I just love writing Junior Akame ♥
I hope you all will enjoy reading this :)

Kame wakes up with a big smile on his face and he jumps out of bed with glee. He rushes to the bathroom, takes a quick shower and then quickly gets dressed before he runs down the stairs. His mum’s already up and as soon as he sits down on his chair, she puts a plate full of food in front of him. He thanks her and then eats faster than ever before. He only slows down a little after his mother tells him to do so and warns him for getting a stomach ache. He’s done in five minutes time, and then he’s on his feet again. He gives his mum a quick hug before he rushes though the kitchen door, almost knocking into his father who’s on his way into the kitchen. He greets his dad good morning, like the well-mannered kid he is (most of the time) but doesn’t stay to hear his dad’s reply. He jumps into his new sneakers and grabs his bag that he packed last night. He shouts his goodbye and then he’s out the house. As soon as he’s out on the street, he starts running.

“Kamenashi-kun” Jin’s mother says, sounding slightly surprised to see Kame so early on a Sunday. “You’re early. Jin is still in bed but I guess you can go up and wake him”
“Thanks Akanishi-san” Kame smiles, and bows slightly before he steps inside the house. He shuffles out of his shoes and then runs upstairs. Jin’s already awake but still lying in bed when Kame comes in through the door like a tornado and jumps onto the bed and on top of Jin who huffs in surprise.
“It’s time to get up” Kame’s voice is high and laced with excitement.
“You’re early” Jin replies and tries to push Kame off him but Kame won’t have that and attacks Jin’s collarbones. The shriek that erupts from Jin has Kame roll off the bed with laughter.
“Don’t do that” Jin says, protecting his collar bones with his hands as he gets out of bed, giving Kame who’s still lying on the floor laughing a light kick in the side. “You’re so mean sometimes”
“But you still like me” Kame replies and gets up from the floor, pushing Jin towards the door. “Now hurry!”

Thirty-six minutes later they’re out of the house and making their way towards the subway station. Kame’s not the only one excited anymore; Jin’s face is shining with glee as he grabs Kame’s hand and starts running. Kame’s stomach makes a double flip, and his hearts starts beating faster at the contact. It’s not the first time they’re holding hands and it’s definitely not the first time his body reacts like that when he’s with Jin. At first Kame hadn’t understood what it meant, but he does now. He throws a glance at Jin’s face as they make their way down the escalators. He wonders if Jin’s body reacts the same way.

Jin doesn’t let go of Kame’s hand until he almost trips on his shoelaces on their way up from the station in Shibuya and he has to let go of Kame’s hand so he can tie his left shoe.

The first thing they do once they get up on the busy streets is to look for the closest Starbucks, because Jin wants coffee and according to him Starbucks is the coolest place to get it. When they arrive Jin orders regular black coffee, but he pours several spoons of sugar into his mug. Kame’s still not used to the bitter taste so he orders a café latte with extra milk and then adds a lot of sugar. Jin teases him for it, but Kame teases him in return when Jin scrunches his face after taking the first sip of his own coffee. In the end Jin ends up throwing more than half of his coffee away and they share Kame’s latte with extra milk as they stroll the streets.

They don’t really have any plans for the day except for that they’re going to the watch the latest Johnny Depp movie with the pirates but there’s still many hours left until it starts, so they just aimlessly walk around the shops.

Kame’s looking at a pair of jeans in one of the shops, when he suddenly hears a voice he recognizes and freezes for a second. He turns his head around and then ducks down on the floor to hide. It’s his oldest brother together with a girl Kame didn’t recognize, must be his brother’s new girlfriend. He curses his luck because meeting Yuichiro is the last thing he’d want to do today. His brother is not very fond of Jin or any other boy from the agency really. Kame thinks it is most out of principal though, than actual dislike or hatred towards the boys.

His brother doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon so Kame starts to crawl away down on the floor, ignoring the strange looks he receives from a couple of girls. He has to get to Jin and then get out of the shop before his brother sees them.

“What are you doing on the floor Kazu?” Jin’s voice comes from above him and Kame looks up before he grabs a hold of Jin’s hand to pull him down on the floor.
“Shhh” Kame hushes. “We have to get out of here”
“Why?” Jin looks confused and a bit scared as he whispers back.
“Just follow me” Kame replies, not letting go of Jin’s hand as he tries his best to walk towards the entrance, hunched down on the floor. They’ve almost made it when they get caught.

“Ka-kun?” his brother calls after them and he sounds surprised. Kame just wants the world to swallow him. He lets go of Jin’s hand and stands up to face his brother. The girl isn’t with him, so Kame figures she might’ve disappeared into a changing room, or maybe dumped him.
“Yuichiro, hi, what are you doing here?” he asks trying to be cool when he’s feeling anything but that.
“What did you do down on the floor?” Yuichiro asks instead of answering. Kame doesn’t know what to answer to that and luckily he doesn’t seem to need to give one. Yuichiro’s face scrunches up for a brief second, as he obviously notices Kame’s not alone, and then he puts on a fakes a smile. “Akanishi-kun is with you”
Jin bows his head down slightly as a greeting and to show respect to the older boy.
“Good day Yuichiro-san” he says and Yuichiro just nods in reply.
“We have somewhere we need to be” Kame says before Jin or his brother can say something stupid, grabbing Jin by the elbow. “I’ll see you back home”
“It was nice seeing you” Jin calls as Kame forcibly pulls him with him out of the shop. Kame throws a glance at his brother over his shoulder and sees how he’s watching them with slight distaste.

They visit a few other shops, Kame keeping an eye out for his brother, before Jin’s stomach decides that it’s time for lunch. They buy some cheap, but delicious ramen from a stand and enjoy it in the early autumn sun. Kame doesn’t finish it all so he gives the rest to Jin who gladly finishes it for him.

After that they look in a few more shops because it’s still a few hours left till the movie starts, Kame buys a new pair of jeans and Jin a new t-shirt. Kame’s happy that they don’t run into his brother again and he hopes that that means Yuichiro has already left the area.

Somehow, they end up in a purikura booth together. It’s Jin’s idea but Kame’s not against it, even though it feels kind of strange since he’s only ever been in a booth with girls before. They decorate the frame with various things, the American flag, the Japanese flag, stars, a baseball, a sun, a soccer ball, a rainbow and of course they write their names, Jin adds a plus mark between the names. Kame doesn’t know what he wants to say with that but he doesn’t dare to ask. They take a few pictures, pulling silly faces and goofing around. They laugh a lot. Kame stops laughing though when out of the blue Jin plants a chaste kiss on his cheek.
“What?” Jin laughs as Kame turns to stare at him with big eyes and his hand pressed to the place where Jin’s lips had been just seconds before.
“What did you do that for?” Kame asks back, still stunned but his insides are doing a very happy dance.
“Because I felt like it” Jin smiles and then presses the buttons to print out the photos. Kame doesn’t reply, but smiles.

The kiss ended up on photo, much to Kame’s delight and embarrassment.

They’re standing in the ticket line when someone creeps up on them from behind and shouts: “BOO!”
Jin shrieks in fear. His scream scares Kame more than the people trying to scare them, and succeeding in Jin‘s case. It turns out it‘s Yamapi and Ryo, and Jin doesn’t hesitate one second to get back on them. He shoves the laughing duo in the shoulders with so much force that Ryo actually ends up on the floor. Ryo and Yamapi just erupts in more laughter and Kame can’t help but join in. He only laughs for a moment though because Jin gives him a look of betrayal and that shuts him up.

“What are you going to watch?” Yamapi asks when he and Ryo have finally calmed down after a few minutes and he and Jin have finished their special handshake. Jin actually taught that handshake to Kame once but that’s a secret. If Yamapi found out he’d be mad at Jin, and probably dislike Kame more than he already does.
“Johnny Depp” Jin grins. “It’s supposed to be awesome!”
“We too” Yamapi grins back. “We should all get seats next to each others’”
No they shouldn’t. Kame had looked forward to watch it with Jin, and Jin alone, but of course he doesn’t say that. Instead he smiles and agrees with it almost as cheerfully as Jin does. It’d be rude to do otherwise and even if he doesn’t get along well with Yamapi, at least he gets along really well with Ryo.

The good thing about movie theatres is that it’s dark and that you’re not suppose to speak. That makes it easier for Kame to forget about the intruders and imagine that it’s only Jin and him. It is even easier when only a few minutes into the movie Jin grabs Kame’s free hand with his and holds onto it throughout the movie. Kame doesn’t want to read too much into it, just like he doesn’t read too much into the handholding on the train or the kiss because Jin’s not like everyone else. He’s an affectionate person, and it’s not as if they’ve never held hands before, only the many previous times has been shorter and not set Kame’s heart to beat this much faster. Kame takes this opportunity to pretend that he’s on a movie date with Jin and anyone who saw them would probably believe that it is. When something gets extra spectacular or exciting in the story Jin squeezes Kame’s hand harder and sets off the butterflies in Kame. Does Jin have butterflies going crazy as well?

“Oh, wow, that was awesome”, Ryo says as soon as the lights go on inside the theatre and gets up from his seat.
“Yeah it was” Jin grins, and there is looking between the two on his left and Kame on his right side. “I wanna see it again right away”
“Yeah” Yamapi agrees, nodding his head with a lot of enthusiasm and a big smile.
“We should go again next weekend” Jin says, and either consciously or unconsciously squeezes Kame’s hand. Kame looks down on their interlocked hands but then when he looks back up he meets Ryo’s eyes as they stare at their hands with what Kame guess is a mix of confusion, disgust and disbelief.
“Are you two holding hands?” Ryo asks and Kame quickly tries to free his hand from Jin but Jin won’t have that as he instead grips Kame’s hand harder.
“So?” Jin replies, sounding a bit on his guard.
“So, you should have told us that you had done it and that this is -” Ryo grins as he speaks but his words are cut short and his grin disappears as one of Yamapi’s hands comes from behind and covers his mouth. Kame looks at the two of them frowning slightly in confusion. He is not quite sure what is going on but he has an idea of what Ryo might have wanted to imply. After all, most people might have misunderstood the situation. No matter how much Kame would like it to be this is not a date.
“Shall we go?” Yamapi says in a voice louder than necessary and catches the attention of the rest of the crowed still in the theatre. He uncovers Ryo’s mouth and pushes him slightly to get him to start moving. ”We should get something to eat!”
“Yeah, let’s go” Jin replies getting up from his seat and pulls Kame with him in the process.

After having dinner and spent some time at the arcade all for of them together they take the same rout home because Ryo’s staying at Yamapi’s for a few nights. Throughout the time Kame can’t help but wish that Jin and he wouldn’t have run into Yamapi and Ryo. It’s not because he doesn’t have fun, because he does. Ryo is always fun to be with, even if he can be really mean sometimes and Jin and Yamapi together is like a comedy due where Jin is the dumb one and Yamapi is the slightly less dumb one. So all in all Kame’s having a great time, but. However, this was supposed to be Jin and his day alone together. They haven’t been just the two of them in a long time, well it feels like a long time but it might actually be just a month. Kame knows that thinking like this might be selfish, but he doesn’t care because sometimes it’s okay to be selfish.

When they get of at their station, they part ways with Yamapi and Ryo because Jin insists on following Kame to the house. Kame makes a half-hearted attempt to protest against it just out of principle, while his insides are doing the cha-cha. The high spirits that’s been following them around like a puppy all day continues to follow them down the streets towards Kame’s house. Unconsciously Kame makes them slow down their pace as they walk to make the none-date with Jin last a little longer. When they reach his street, after 20 minutes, which is more than double of the time it usually takes from the station Jin suddenly, falls silent mid-laughing. In response, Kame stops laughing too, and stops walking in confusion. Jin continues walking for another few meters before he notices that Kame isn’t next to him. He turns around and looks oddly serious, an expression that’s kind of rare to appear on Jin’s shiny face.
“Kazuya” Jin says walking back to Kame and reaches out for Kame’s hand. Kame lets him take it and stares down at their interlocked hands with quite confusion.
“Kazuya” Jin says again “I-” he cuts himself off.
“Yeah, what is it Jin?” Kame asks looking up to face Jin. He really doesn’t understand what has gotten into his best friend. Why is Jin so suddenly acting all strange and serious?
“I-” Jin starts up again and then a goofy smile spreads over his face. “I forgot what it was I was going to say.”
Jin’s lying. He hasn’t forgotten what he wanted to say. He’s just too much of a coward at the moment. Jin’s always been kind of coward but he can suddenly he get a boost of bravery out of nowhere. So Kame knows that Jin will tell him eventually, when he feels brave enough. What it is that Jin has to gather courage for though, that Kame has no idea of. He hopes it’s nothing bad.
“Okay” Kame smiles back at Jin and then they start walking, hands still linked, the last few meters to his house.

Kame’s almost made it up to the front door after they’ve said goodbye when Jin calls him back down to the garden gate.
“What is it?” Kame asks confused as he comes up to the gate.
“I-” Jin starts before he grabs the front of Kame’s shirt and pulls him in for a kiss. It all happens so quickly that Kame brain doesn’t register what’s happened before Jin lets go of him again and runs off. When he finally reacts and realizes what’s happened Jin’s already gone, and maybe already reached his own house. Kame doesn’t know what to think about the kiss. It could be a stupid whim on Jin’s behalf, just like the kiss in the booth earlier that day or it could be something more but Kame doesn’t want to get his hopes up.

The thoughts buzz in his head as he goes through the motions of greeting his parents, having a cup of tea and taking a bath. His family must notice something’s up with him but if they do then he doesn’t notice it because his body might be present but his mind is not. Koji might have said something to tease him.

When he walks into his bedroom after taking his evening bath, he’s still in a daze but he’s brought back to reality by his phone beeping from somewhere inside his bag. He picks it out and sees that he has three new messages; all of them are from Jin.

I like you!

The first one says and Kame almost drops the phone on the floor as he is hit by the second shock of the evening. This time though he composes himself with in seconds. Jin might not mean it like that. Kame quickly opens the second message.

What I mean is
that I’m in love
with you. That’s
why I kissed

Kame can’t describe the feelings that takes over his body. If feels like his heart will explode with happiness. He feels like dancing in joy. He feels like letting out a scream of joy.

When Kame realizes that he actually is screaming in glee, he drops his phone to the floor and claps both hands over his mouth to shut himself down. He really hopes no one heard him because it’d be really embarrassing if his brother or his parents came to check on him. He wouldn’t know how to explain why he dressed in nothing but boxer shorts shrieks like that. He can’t just say, “Oh, it’s because my feelings for Jin is mutual”. He’s not ready to drop the bomb yet, even if he suspects that his mother has him all figured out already.

When 5 minutes has gone by and no one has come to check on him Kame uncovers his mouth and starts laughing. He picks up the phone again and then throws himself at the bed. He rolls around like a crazy person before he composes himself enough to text a reply to Jin consisting of nothing but a row of five hearts. Then he realizes that he hasn’t read the last message Jin had sent him and he opens it.

I accidentally
brought your
shopping bags
with me back

Kame laughs again because he hadn’t even realized he didn’t have his bags and because it’s kind of so like Jin to just suddenly change the topic if he feels uneasy with the current situation. Kame doesn’t get the chance to reply to that message before he’s interrupted by another message from Jin. It’s identical to Kame’s reply, 5 hearts.

The end

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This was just incredibly cute.. Kazuya's glee over spending a whole day with Jin, then insecurity about Jin's actions which seemed to be so natural and poor Kame had to try so hard to not put too much expectations into them because Jin was just being Jin... and then the disappointment with Yamapi and Ryo showing up... *hugs Kame*
The whole Ryo/Pi/Jin interactions and baka-ness was pure WIN, but of course, the fact Jin never let Kame stay behind and was always holding his hand and was 'with him' in the first place made all the little crack sooo soooo soooooo CUTE AND SWEET and with my current not exactly cheerful mood, this fic managed something unbelievable, and that's making me smile, so THANK YOU ♥

and lol @ baka!Jin in the end, always blurting out (either talking/acting/texting) the first on his mind and immediately focusing on something else xDD

*____* squealing Kame in his room!! asfdaAFSAfdsaAfda What are you doing to me??? All of this only in ONE fic???

I should have saved it to read after the Kame/Ohkura one because I'll need a lot of Akame after reading other Kame pairing of my own accord >__<

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Haha, long rambling comment ♥

Hearing that this managed to make you smile, despite the mood you've been in, makes me so happy to hear. That's like one of the best compliments I can receive for my writing (*^__^*)

Haha, I'm sure you won't need therapy after reading Kame/Ohkura because it really is pretty harmless, and a lot of Kame rambling in it. I'm sure it won't surpass PG-13, if it even gets that high XD I'm gonna try finish the story tonight :D

Sorry for coming back with a reply this late m(-__-)m

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