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[One shot] KameShige - Bedroom Scene

Title: Bedroom Scene
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya x Kato Shigeaki
Genre: Fluff, romance? Attempted humour?
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1529
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: Shige has no idea what happened after that 7th or 9th shot of vodka.
A/N: Okay, so this story came to me a few days ago but due to school work I never really got around to write it down until now. I have a deep love for KameShige

Shige wakes up with a headache and no memory about what happened after he took that 7th, or maybe it was 9th, shot of vodka together with Kamenashi. Nothing too bad could have happened after that shot though since he recognizes the room he’s sleeping in as his own which means he didn’t end up in a cell or a stranger’s bedroom. He’s feeling oddly happy as well, despite the headache and memory loss, like he’s experienced something good last night.

He sits up and turns around to look at the time on his alarm clock but freezes in place. There’s a peacefully sleeping man lying next to him with his face buried into a pillow and his body naked as far as Shige can see from the fact that only the most intimate parts of the man’s body is covered by sheets.

What is this? Who is that? What happened last night?

Shige takes a big gulp as he unfreezes and looks down on his own body. He lets out a big sigh when he sees that he’s almost fully dressed. He’s still in the shirt he wore yesterday and his favourite pair of olive green boxer shorts. That must mean he didn’t have sex with this guy, right?

He lies back down on the mattress and worms his way closer to the man to try to get a look on the man’s face. He has a hunch about who it might be but he won’t believe it until he sees the other’s face. He places a hand on the other’s pillow, carefully trying to flatten it out while he presses his own face down at the mattress. He’s painfully aware of how close he is to the other’s face but that’s a risk he has to take. If he, or the man, was to move just a few inches they’d end up kissing.

Suddenly the man starts moving, twisting his body, sheets sliding and head moving to the side. Shige reacts quickly for someone with a hangover and rolls over so that he faces the other side. He’s not ready to face whoever it is yet. When there’s no more movement coming from the other Shige rolls back around and come face to face with a peacefully sleeping Kamenashi Kazuya. Shige’s fear is answered.

How in the world did he end up in the same bed as Kamenashi Kazuya?

Shige tries to search through his memory but he really can’t remember what happened the night before that could’ve lead to this. He’d been dragged out by Yamapi and Ryo to hang out with the Akanishi troop. Kamenashi had been there too. He’d looked slightly out of place, just like Shige had felt, among the troop member. Somehow they had ended up drinking together while the others’ kept themselves busy with beautiful women. Shige really couldn’t remember more than that he’d had a great fun in Kamenashi’s company, he just hopes they didn’t get too friendly because –

“We didn’t have sex”
Kamenashi’s groggy voice drags Shige back to bed.
“What?” Shige asks catching Kamenashi’s gaze that’s looking at him through still half closed eyes.
“We didn’t have sex.” Kamenashi repeats, a hand reaching down for the sheets and he pulls at the fabric to cover more of his body. Shige can’t help the way his eyes divert themselves to watch the movement. He’s surprised by how graceful it looks despite Kamenashi surely must be just as hangover as he.
“Oh” is all Shige says. He’s not sure if he’s happy or disappointed about what he had kind of already figured out by his own lack of nakedness, being confirmed so bluntly. But if they didn’t have sex how come –

“I always sleep naked in my own bed” Kamenashi says and it’s as if he can read Shige’s thoughts. Shige shivers because that thought kind of creeps him out. “I guess I was too drunk last night to care about not being in my own bed”
Shige nods, his eyes once again giving Kamenashi’s body a quick once over. He blushes slightly when Kamenashi catches him and gives him a tired smirk.
“We did do something last night though” he says and his tongue darts out and he licks his lips in one quick, smooth moment. Shige gulps.
“We did?” He hadn’t meant for his voice to come out squawky and kind of panicky but a thousand possible stupid things they might’ve done while he was dead drunk runs through his head. He really hopes that any pictures possibly taken of them will not end up in press.
“Yeah” Kame moves a bit closer and their faces end up just a couple of inches away. Shige by reflex tries to move away a little to get Kamenashi out of his comfort zone but a hand gripping his shirts keeps him in place. “Want me to tell you what happened?”
“Yes” Shige nods, unable to break the contact Kamenashi established between their eyes as Kamenashi closes the gap between them. Shige’s eyes widen at the touch of Kamenashi’s lips against his but don’t move. There’s a look in Kamenashi’s eyes that’s daring, challenging. It’s as if Kamenashi is daring him to break the kiss. They stay like that for a short moment before Kamenashi breaks their eye contact by closing his eyes as he slowly starts moving his lips. Shige is quick to follow, closing his eyes and letting Kamenashi lead him.

The kiss is slow, kind of sloppy but very enjoyable. Shige can’t believe he kissed Kamenashi the night before and forgotten all about it because kissing him is very memorable.

He quickly grants Kamenashi’s tongue entrance when he feels it dart out and prod him for it. A pleasant chill goes through his whole body as their tongues comes in contact and unconsciously his left hand finds its way into Kamenashi’s hair. A soft moan from Kamenashi finds its way out as Shige’s fingers tangles themselves in the soft locks and Kamenashi’s hold of his shirt tightens.

Shige hesitatingly breaks the kiss when he starts feeling too lightheaded from lack of oxygen. He pants and then as he catches Kamenashi’s eyes he chuckles slightly. This should feel so wrong but it doesn’t. A few minutes ago he was close to freaking out over a naked man in his bed but now a feeling of calm and happiness is washing over him.

“I lied” Kamenashi says rolling over so that he lies on his back and faces the ceiling. He then falls silent for a moment and Shige’s about to ask him about what when he continues. “We didn’t kiss last night.”
“You never told me we did” Shige points out because Kamenashi never right out said that. The kiss he took the initiative to might have insinuated it but he never actually said it. “So you didn’t lie.”
“But I used you” Kamenashi says, his voice slow and Shige turns his head to look at him.
“No you didn’t” Shige smiles and moves his body so that he hovers above Kamenashi, one hand on each side of the other’s head. “I enjoyed it. Did you?”
Kamenashi smiles up at him and nods. “Yes I did”
“Good” Shige nods back and then leans down to kiss Kamenashi again but the other pushes him away just before their lips meets.
“Sorry” he says and gets up from the bed, pulling the sheets with him to wrap around his body. “I have work at noon so I have to go”
“Oh” Shige sighs and watches in disappointment as Kamenashi searches for the clothes he wore last night. They’re both silent as Kamenashi dresses himself and Shige quite enjoys the show.

“I’ll be leaving then” Kamenashi turns around and gives Shige a smile once he’s fully dressed.
“Have a good day” Shige says, in lack of anything better, and then smiles. Kamenashi nods and walks for the door but just as he’s about to walk out through it Shige calls after him. “Why did you kiss me?”
Kamenashi turns around again and leans against the doorframe. “Because I like you, because I’ve wanted to kiss you for ages”
Shige blushes at the confession. He should’ve figured out that Kamenashi liked him.
“You don’t have to say it back” Kamenashi says, his voice soft. “I don’t expect you to answer my feelings” he smiles. “Well, bye then”
“Wait!” Shige calls out again, surprising them both.
“Yes?” Kamenashi turns around again giving him a quizzical look.
“Uh, when can we meet again?” Shige asks, and he realizes that he really wants Kamenashi to say yes, that he really wants to spend more time with the other guy.
A genuinely happy smile spreads across Kamenashi’s face and his eyes sparkles as he answers. “Tonight? I’ll come over after work finishes at 7”
“Sounds good” a very pleasant feeling explodes inside of Shige and he grins.
“Bye” Kamenashi waves and this time Shige doesn’t stop him. He falls back on the bed, grin still in place. He still doesn’t know what happened after that 7th or 9th shot of vodka but that doesn’t really matter anymore.

The end.

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